December 9, 2016

Box2dLights crash

Recently I started to use Box2dLights again and encountered frequent crashes resulting in the following output:
Program: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_112\bin\java.exe
File: ./Box2D/Collision/b2DynamicTree.h, Line 209
Expression: r.LengthSquared() > 0.0f

The cause is Box2dLight trying to raycast with identical start and end points in PositionalLight:
    protected void updateMesh() {
        for (int i = 0; i < rayNum; i++) {
            m_index = i;
            f[i] = 1f;
            tmpEnd.x = endX[i] + start.x;
            mx[i] = tmpEnd.x;
            tmpEnd.y = endY[i] + start.y;
            my[i] = tmpEnd.y;
            if ( != null && !xray) {
      , start, tmpEnd);

Patching the light class with a simple check solved the issue:
            if ( != null && !xray && !start.equals(tmpEnd)) {
      , start, tmpEnd);

Instead of calling equals you could also directly call

July 6, 2016

Being more successful as game artist

Are you a game artist looking for jobs on the internet ?
Here are some points that will you make more successful in the long term:
  • Start your first contact mail with a salutation (yes, really).
  • Use your real name and not the cool artist pseudonym.
  • Have your own homepage that works without Flash. DropBoxis not an alternative.
  • Read the given specifications and requirements - getting hired without working samples that remotely match the requirements is very unlikely.
  • Know the basics about writing invoices and VAT.
  • Only suggest or agree to deadlines you can meet and if you can't meet a deadline, absolutely let the client know, never let a deadline pass silently.
  • Assess your level realistically between beginner, intermediate and expert.
  • Be professional.
Are you an artist and are annoyed by clients ? Let us know !