October 4, 2015

Blackcat - a lightweight dependency injection library for Java

Blackcat was developed while working on the game Biodrone Battle.
Requirements were as follows:
  • no external dependencies
  • no component scanning
  • no code generation, no byte code modification, no configuration files
  • no black magic, simple to use and fast
It can do two things:
  • annotation based field injections
  • invoke post construction callbacks
To get the gist of this library, check out the unit tests.

Simple example for building a band consisting of guitar and bass:
public class Band {
    private Guitar guitar;

    private Bass bass;

    public Band() {

public class Guitar {
    public Guitar() {

public class Bass {
    public Bass() {
Injector injector = Injector.getInjector();

// declare DI components
injector.addComponent(Band.class, Band::new);
injector.addComponent(Guitar.class, Guitar::new);
injector.addComponent(Bass.class, Guitar::new);

// get the band together
Band band = injector.getComponent(Band.class);

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